Figure S1. UVB irradiation with 50 mJ cm−2 did not lead to apoptosis in keratinocytes. NHEK were exposed to a single dose of 50 or 100 mJ UVB cm−2, while control cells remained untreated. Cells were incubated with FITC-annexin V in a buffer containing propidium iodide (PI) and analyzed by measuring the fluorescence intensity using flow cytometry.

Figure S2. Expression of the CD74 MIF receptor is not upregulated by UVB light. NHEK and HaCaT cells were exposed to a single does of 50 mJ cm−2. Control cells remained untreated. Analysis of CD74 surface expression was performed 24 h after irradiation by FACS analysis using a receptor-specific FITC-labelled anti-CD74 antibody.

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