Figure S1. UV spectra of the CBDs of dCyd, along with spectra of various (6-4) adducts.

Figure S2. Proton NMR spectrum of the c,s CBD of dCyd (IIIa).

Figure S3. UV spectra of the CBDs and (6-4) adducts of 5-BrdUrd.

Figure S4. UV spectra of a CBD of 5-IdUrd and of some decomposition products of certain 5-BrdUrd CBDs.

Figure S5. UV spectra of the putative CBDs of 5-BrdCyd and 5-IdCyd.

Figure S6. UV spectra of three putative mixed CBDs of Thd and 5-BrdUrd, the spectra of mixed (X-4) adducts of Thyd and 5-BrdUrd and Thyd and 5-IdUrd, and the spectra of certain decomposition products obtained by heating Thd-5-BrdUrd CBDs.

Figure S7. The HPLC chromatogram of dCyd after acetone-photosensitized reaction.

Figure S8. The HPLC chromatogram of 5-BrdUrd after irradiation in frozen aqueous solution.

Table S1. Components of various fractions obtained from preparative HPLC of the reaction mixture resulting from the acetone-photosentized reaction of dCyd.

Table S2. Supplement to Tables  1 and S3, containing the spin-splitting constants (J) for the cyclobutane ring protons of dUrd and dCyd cyclobutane dimers with an anti-configuration.

Table S3. Proton chemical shifts (δ), coupling constants (J) and molecular mass values for the cyclobutane dimers of dCyd.

Table S4. Proton chemical shifts (δ) for two (6-4) adducts of 2′-deoxycytidine).

Table S5. Proton chemical shifts (δ), coupling constants (J) and molecular masses for the cyclobutane dimers of 5-MedCyd.

Table S6. Proton chemical shifts (δ) and coupling constants (J) for the cyclobutane dimers of 5-BrdUrd.

Table S7. Proton chemical shifts (δ) and coupling constants (J) for VIIc and various decomposition products obtained from heating 5-BrdUrd CBDs.

Appendix S1. Contains the experimental details of the preparation and purification protocols for various CBD and (X-4) photoproducts and descriptions of the characterizations (or partial characterizations) of certain of these products.

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