Quandaries for Neuroeducators


  • Talk given at the annual meeting of the International Society for Mind, Brain, and Education, Fort Worth, November 2, 2007.

Howard Gardner, Graduate School of Education, Harvard University, Larsen Hall 201, Cambridge, MA 02138; e-mail: hgasst@pz.harvard.edu


ABSTRACT— Ethical quandaries abound in the emerging field of neuroeducation. Concepts and findings from the GoodWork® Project may help neuroeducators deal ethically with these quandaries. In particular, ethical work is easier to carry out when all stakeholders concur on the means and goals of the profession. Similarly, when professionals wear only one occupational hat, ethical work is more readily achieved than when the professionals need to reconcile two conflicting hats. Such quandaries need not be tackled alone. An organization like the International Mind, Brain, and Education Society is a promising venue for discussing and perhaps resolving these quandaries.