• alleles;
  • HLA;
  • MHC;
  • polymorphism;
  • SBT;
  • Taiwanese

HLA allelic polymorphism among different ethnic groups and racial populations is widely observed and the patterns of linkage disequilibrium among various alleles differ significantly among human populations have been shown in many studies. The population composition of Taiwanese comprises four major ethnic groups, namely, Minnan, Hakka, Aborigines and Chinese Mainlanders, and other minority ethnic groups. Thus, the database of our haematopoietic stem cell donor registry comprises volunteer donors bearing HLA alleles and haplotypes with its unique polymorphism and characteristics. In our donors, we have discovered new alleles, rare frequency alleles and Taiwanese conserved alleles and haplotypes. In addition, beyond the HLA system, we found genetic expression of Oriental restricted white blood cell antigen in Taiwanese population.