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Performance evaluation and relevance of the CellaVisionTM DM96 system in routine analysis and in patients with malignant hematological diseases


Xavier Troussard, Laboratoire d’hématologie, Avenue de la Côte de Nacre, Caen 14000, France. Tel.: +33 2 3106 5014; Fax: +33 2 3106 5015;
E-mail: troussard-x@chu-caen.fr


The CellaVision™ DM96 is an automated image analysis system dedicated to locating and preclassifying the various types of white blood cells in peripheral blood smears. The system also partially characterizes of the red blood cell morphology and is able to perform platelet counts. We routinely analyzed the blood samples from 440 patients with quantitative and/or qualitative abnormalities detected by the XE-2100 Sysmex™. Only 2.6% of cells are not identified by DM96™. After classification of the unidentified cells very good correlation coefficients are observed between DM96™ and manual microscopy for most hematological parameters and accuracy is judged excellent up to 98%. For most common parameters, false positive and false negative ratios are also very good. Whatever the pathology and the number of blasts on smear, all patients were positive for blast detection on DM96™. The system is a useful tool for assisting in the diagnosis and classification of most acute or chronic leukemia. Automatic cell location and preclassification, along with unique cell views on the computer screen, could reduce the time spent performing differentials and make real-time collaboration between colleagues a natural part of the classification process. The workstation also provides an ergonomically correct and relaxed working environment. We suggest its use in routine analysis; the system could be very helpful for the accurate morphological diagnosis of samples from patients with malignant hematological disease.