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Genital Human Papilloma Virus Infection: Advances in Prevention for the Long-Term Good of All


Michael Waugh, FRCP, Nuffield Hospital, 151 Roker Lane, Pudsley, Leeds LS28 9ND, England


The wonderful thing about being a physician, even an ordinary dogsbody of one, is that we live in a world in which almost every week scientists, researchers, and clinicians taking part in well-conducted trials usually backed by private capital and the pharmaceutical industry manage to perfect advances that will ultimately benefit not just our patients but the families and society in which our patients live. That is, of course, if we bother, even in the usual way of busy practitioners, skimming through medical journals or glancing at progress from Web sources. Most of us do not do so as well as we would like, but merely by reading this article, education somehow touches us. (Damn, there goes an interruption; we have just been jolted out of our thoughts!)