This study examined the effects of increasing the thiazide diuretic dose in a fixed-dose ARB/diuretic combination in patients with uncontrolled hypertension despite 6 weeks' open-label treatment with the ARB/diuretic combination, telmisartan 80 mg/hydrochlorothiazide 12.5 mg (T80/H12.5). 713 patients with trough seated DBP =90 mmHg were then randomized to 8 weeks' double-blind treatment with telmisartan 80 mg and an increased dose of 25 mg of hydrochlorothiazide (T80/H25) or T80/H12.5. Adjusted mean seated DBP changes from baselines of 95.3 (T80/H25) and 95.0 mmHg (T80/H12.5) were −7.1 and -−5.5 mmHg (difference: 1.6 mm Hg), respectively (P=.0012). Changes in systolic blood pressure from 147.9 mmHg (T80/H25) and 147.4 mmHg (T80/H12.5) were −9.8 and −7.1 mmHg (difference: 2.7 mm Hg) (P=.0003). Adverse events occurred in 31.5% (T80/H25) and 29.6% (T80/H12.5), with serious events in 1.4% and 0.8%, respectively. Hypokalemia was rare. These results show that higher-dose thiazide diuretic in combination with T80 in patients with hypertension uncontrolled by T80/H12.5 provides additional blood pressure reductions and is well tolerated.