J Clin Hypertens (Greenwich).

A Harris Interactive survey of 1548 hypertensive persons aged 44 and older confirms the findings of previous studies that showed suboptimal rates of adherence to medication and lifestyle regimens to lower blood pressure, despite a high level of awareness of the health consequences of uncontrolled blood pressure. When the study population was analyzed by age group (baby boomers, ages 44 to 62 years, and seniors, ages ≥63 years), nonadherence was greater in the baby boomer cohort, which nevertheless had a higher level of concern than the seniors. Poor communication between patients and health care providers contributes to nonadherence to treatment regimens. Patients’ age plays an important role in their attitudes and behaviors regarding illness and treatment as well as their preferences as to the types of educational materials they would find helpful and the ways those materials can best be delivered. Because of the growing population of baby boomers further studies are warranted to evaluate attitudes, knowledge, and behaviors concerning the identification and treatment of hypertension.