J Clin Hypertens (Greenwich).

The Efectividad de un Programa de Intervención en el Control de la Presión Arterial de los Hipertensos en Riesgo de Desarrollar Insuficiencia Cardiaca (HEROIC) study was designed to assess whether an educational program for primary care physicians could improve blood pressure (BP) control in hypertensive patients at high risk for developing heart failure. The program contained a combination of educational training (live group sessions or online training) and information feedback. Two hundred twenty-six physicians completed the program and provided valid data in 2489 patients before and 2168 after 1 year. There was a small but significant reduction of −1.1 mm Hg (P=.009) in systolic BP and a higher proportion of patients achieved their BP target (13.6% vs 15.6%, P=.055). Thus, the authors concluded that there was a slight improvement in BP control after the educational program, but this change was not sufficient to avoid development of heart failure. More complex and intensive programs are needed for this type of prevention.