Sea Salt (For Wendy)


Adam Possner, MD, General Internal Medicine, Medical Faculty Associates, George Washington University, 2150 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Suite 2-105, Washington, DC 20037

Perhaps it’s because it comes from Nature – the sea

that some patients with high blood pressure believe

it won’t make their own inner sea swell.

Perhaps it’s the small but steady pull of wishful thinking

like the Moon’s gravitational field

that’s to blame.

Or maybe it’s just clever advertising.

Whatever the reason, each week I have the inglorious task

of informing at least one patient
Sea salt still has sodium.

Seven syllables, like the seven seas, forming a wave

of surprise on my patient’s face, then – crash

bland disappointment.

So sinks the option of sea salt

food for the fishes and nonhypertensives only

company to table salt, soy sauce, and canned soup.

Alas, there’s always Mrs. Dash.