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Renewable fuels

An annotated selection of World Wide Web sites relevant to the topics in Microbial Biotechnology


  • Lawrence P. Wackett

    1. McKnight Professor and Head
      Microbial Biochemistry and Biotechnology
      Department of Biochemistry Molecular Biology and Biophysics
      University of Minnesota
      St Paul, MN 55108, USA
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University of Minnesota Biofuels database


This site promotes knowledge for the development of fuels from renewable resources with a focus on microbially based metabolic transformations. Chemical processes for generating fuel molecules are also included so users can compare and contrast different processes.

American Oil Chemist's Society


The AOC is broadly concerned with oils, fats and surfactants. With the emerging interest in biofuels, the AOC website has increasingly put up content on biodiesel and other biofuel issues.

Organization of Biodiesel Environmental Chemists


This site focuses on biodiesel. It is an excellent resource on the use and handling of biodiesel. Links to additional information from other sites is also provided.

Alternative fuels data centre


The alternative fuels data centre is designed to help society reduce dependence on petroleum. This includes the use of alternative fuels, many of which are microbially based biofuels.

Biofuel production in Europe


This website provides extensive information on biofuels, biomass resources and biofuels economics. It contains summaries of biofuels research projects in Europe.

Biofuels and microbiology research


This web article put up by the American Society for Microbiology provides a good overview of biofuels with a particular emphasis on microbiological aspects.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory: Biofuels


This site provides a tutorial on biofuels and links to biofuels research ongoing at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

Wikipedia: Biofuel


This page provides an excellent overview of the biofuels area. It contains references with linkages to additional information.

Biofuel bonanza


This web article focuses on national biofuels science and policy. It was recently published in Chemical and Engineering News.

Bioenergy Wiki


The Bioenergy Wiki is an interactive site where people can post and trade information. It is less of a scientific resource and more of a business and networking resource.

ABC's of biofuels


This web tutorial is put out by the United States Department of Energy. It caters to students who are developing an interest in biofuels and seeking general information.

DOE: Bioenergy and other reports


This web page serves as a clearinghouse for government reports pertaining to biofuels. These can be read as html files or downloaded by users.

Oilgae: Oil from algae


This site contains much information on the use of algae to produce fuel compounds. Its greatest value is the large number of links provided to numerous other sites that deal with issues related to growing or processing algae for oil.

Synthesis gas fermentation


Materials such as coal can be converted chemically to carbon monoxide, hydrogen and carbon dioxide. Some anaerobic bacteria can be interfaced with such chemical processes to produce ethanol or other fuel molecules.

DOE mission: Biofuels


This web page provides a large number of links to biofuels resources.

Bioenergy Science Center


The Bioenergy Science Center website highlights activities at one of the three new Department of Energy biofuels centres.

Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center


The Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center website highlights activities at one of the three new Department of Energy biofuels centres.

Joint BioEnergy Institute


The Joint BioEnergy Institute website highlights activities at one of the three new Department of Energy biofuels centres.