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Bacterial riboswitches

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  • Lawrence P. Wackett

    1. McKnight Professor, BioTechnology Institute, Department of Biochemistry Molecular Biology and Biophysics, University of Minnesota, St Paul, MN 55108, USA
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Riboswitches: Wikipedia


This wikipedia entry provides an extensive description of natural and engineered riboswitches. Most known riboswitches have been found in bacteria.

Improved riboswitch for atrazine


This webpage provides a link to an electronic thesis file describing a riboswitch that responds to the herbicide atrazine.

Synthetic riboswitches in bacteria


This web article discusses synthetic riboswitches. These are tools that researchers can use to control bacterial metabolism.

Screening for synthetic riboswitches


The development of synthetic riboswitches requires the ability to screen aptamers for the ability to bind molecules of interest. The use of the method to develop a riboswitch for the natural product theophylline is described.

Riboswitch references


This page contains an extensive list of references related to ribozymes and riboswitches.

Riboswitches comprising off-on switch


On and off riboswitches were deployed in tandem to produce regulation that mimics an electronic band-pass filter.

Design principles for riboswitch function


This web article describes modeling for the effective design of synthetic riboswitches.

Theophylline riboswitch


This page provides a good overview of riboswitches and has useful graphics.

Synthetic RNA switches: Blog


This blog page provides a discussion of a paper and a good overview of riboswitches.

Riboswitch citations


This page contains an extensive list of references on mostly natural riboswitches.

Riboswitch use patent


This page contains a patent on riboswitches. As described, riboswitches can be used to make biosensors, engineer metabolism and carry out gene therapy.

Switching off drug resistance


A ribozyme has been explored to block bacterial resistance to beta-lactam antibiotics.

Purine riboswitch Facebook page


This Facebook page describes ribozymes that recognize purine nucleotides. There are links to Protein Databank files to these ribozymes.

Riboswitch finder


This database allows one to screen sequences for potential function as ribozymes.

Of terms in biology: Riboswitch


This description of bacterial riboswitches is from the Microbe blog. Links to additional information are provided.

New functions of riboswitches


This page provides a link to a thesis describing novel functions of riboswitches. With widespread genome sequencing, more types of riboswitches are being identified in bacteria.

Folding kinetics of riboswitches: YouTube video


This link is to a lecture on riboswitches.