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Thermophiles and thermophilic enzymes

An annotated selection of World Wide Web sites relevant to the topics in Microbial Biotechnology


  • Lawrence P. Wackett

    1. McKnight Professor, BioTechnology Institute, Department of Biochemistry Molecular Biology and Biophysics, University of Minnesota, St Paul, MN 55108, USA
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Thermophiles: Wikipedia


This webpage deals broadly with thermophilic microorganisms. Additionally, It points out a few of the applications of thermophilic enzymes in biotechnology.



This page contains general information on thermophiles. It also offers some nice photographs.

Microbial life in hot environments


This is a web page of educational resources pertaining to thermophiles. It contains useful links to original research papers and other resources.



This page has a map showing the locations from which thermophiles have been isolated. It also illustrates some of the types of sites where thermophiles are found, such as under-ocean volcanoes.

Thermophiles chapter


This book chapter describes thermophile biology and ecology. It also points out that thermophiles are very diverse phylogenetically.

Microbial world: Thermophilic microorganisms


This page of the Microbial World series is no longer being pursued. Despite that, it is still a useful and colourful site.

Yellowstone thermophiles


This website focuses on thermophiles in Yellowstone park. The most distinctive feature of this site is the gallery section, which contains many beautiful images of thermophilic mats and other microbial structures.

Evolution of thermophilic Archaea


This webpage focuses on specific classes of thermophilic prokaryotes and the phenomenon of horizontal gene transfer amongst different types.

How thermophilic proteins survive


This blog deals with the factors that contribute to the stabilization of polypeptides at high temperature.

How thermophilic DNA survives


This blog deals with the factors that contribute to the stabilization of DNA at high temperature.

Thermus thermophilus: Wikipedia


This page gives general information about Thermus thermophilus and provides links to genome sequencing projects.

Pyrococcus furiosis: Wikipedia


This page gives general information about Pyrococcus furiosis and provides information regarding its usefulness in biotechnology.

Thermophilic enzymes for biorefineries


This slide set provides information on thermophilic enzymes, with a focus on those degrading lignocellulose.

Development of better thermophilic enzymes


This news article deals with protein engineering of thermophilic enzymes.

Thermophilic cellulolytic enzymes


This web article deals with fermentation of a thermophilic fungus for the production of cellulolytic enzymes.

Sporotrichum thermophile genome project


This is the web page providing a general description and genomic data for the thermophilic fungus Sporotrichum thermophile.

Thermophilic DNA polymerase


Thermophilic DNA polymerases are very important for use in the polymerase chain reaction. This page is from a catalog but provides good general information about the enzyme.