Fig. S1. Average methane (A, D, G, J), oxygen (B, E, H, K) and carbon dioxide (C, F, I, L) levels (%) during 5 weeks incubation in dNMS at 20°C (90 r.p.m.) under a CH4 : air (1:4) atmosphere for the WWTP (A, B, C) slurry pit (D, E, F), wetland (G, H, I) and biofilter sample (J, K, L) for the dilution series 10−2 (white square), 10−3 (white triangle), 10−4 (black triangle) 10−5 (black square) and 10−6 (black diamond) in triplicate (error bars not shown for clarity).

Fig. S2. The average methane oxidation rate (n = 3, mg CH4 l−1liquidphase day−1) of sequence batch enrichments of the original samples during the first cycle, for the sample of the wastewater treatment plant (black circle), slurry pit (white circle), wetland (black triangle) and biofilter material (white triangle). One-sided error bars are shown for clarity, with the same line type.

Table S1. Overview of activity parameters of enriched cultures during the second cycle in sequence batch reactors: the methane oxidation rate (mg CH4 l−1 liquid day−1) during the first and second day of the second cycle for the four samples, the ratio of produced CO2 over consumed CH4 (mg CO2-C mg−1 CH4-C), the ratio of produced volatile suspended solids over consumed CH4 (mg VSS mg−1 CH4-C) and the ratio of consumed CH4 over consumed NO3- (mg CH4-C mg−1 NO3-N).

Table S2. 16S rRNA, pmoA and mmoX gene primer set evaluation using 13 MOB reference type strains.

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