Fig. S1. A. Scatter images of resuscitated colonies of Vibrio species that were exposed to various stresses [pH (4.0), heat (42°C) and osmotic (5% NaCl)] for 3 h. Cultures were exposed to stress, serially diluted and plated onto BHI containing 1% NaCl, and allowed to grow for 12 h before scatter images were acquired.

B. Scatter images of V. vulnificus MLT 362 and 364 recovered from VBNC state.


Fig. S2. Induction of VBNC state in V. vulnificus MLT 362 and 364 strains suspended in ASW.

A. Viable cell counts were determined by plating on HI agar (HIA) plates and by staining cells with BacLight LIVE/DEAD staining kit.

B. Fluorescence microscopic analysis of live, dead and live/dead V. vulnificus cells taken at 48 h indicating < 1% cells are still viable at that condition and are entering into VBNC state.

mbt349-sup-001-figS1-figS3.pdf484K Fig. S3. Detection of V. parahaemolyticus on BHI-NaCl agar plate from spiked water sample using BARDOT.

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