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Industrial applications of microbial salt-tolerant enzymes

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  • Lawrence P. Wackett

    McKnight Professor
    1. BioTechnology Institute Department of Biochemistry Molecular Biology & Biophysics, University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN, USA
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Industrial and environmental applications of halophiles


Halophiles have traditionally been important in the food industry. More recently, they have become important for the production of β-carotene and ectoine.

Halophilic lipase in biocatalysis


This paper describes a halophilic lipase that could be useful for the production of eicosapentaenoic acid, or EPA.

Halophiles, industrial applications


This abstract describes a useful article on industrial applications of halophiles and it is found within the Encyclopedia of Industrial Biotechnology.

Hydrolases from halophilic eubacteria


This article makes the point that halophilic enzymes tend to be tolerant to thermal and alkaline stress as well, making them very valuable in industry.

Halophiles 2010 conference report


This report provides an excellent overview of halophiles and includes a section on biotechnological applications of halophiles.

Halophile 2007 aims and scope


This report consists of a brief description of where the field of halophile microbiology was headed in the year 2007.

Halophilic enzymes: Project report


The report describes some of the fundamental features that stabilize halophilic, prokaryotic enzymes at salt concentrations over 1 M. Their denaturation-resistance makes these enzymes useful for many industrial applications.

Halophiles review


This review describes all aspects of halophiles, including biotechnological aspects.

Halophilic Bacillus α-amylase


A halophilic Bacillus was isolated from paper mill waste and produced an α-amylase that is considerably more stable that those found in counterparts growing under more typical conditions.

Industrial applications of halophiles: PDF results


This search engine has captured pdf files containing information on industrial applications of halophiles.

Development of highly soluble, halo-tolerant enzymes


This report describes studies on the resistance of halo-tolerant enzymes to irreversible denaturation.

Hydrolytic enzymes of thermophiles: Review


This report describes fundamental properties and the forces that stabilize certain enzymes in high salt conditions.

Carotenoid production from halophilic bacteria


Halophiles produce a lot of pigments, most notably carotenoids. There is a strong market for carotenoids in industry.

Salt Institute


This industry organization describes and has links to information on many aspects of salt chemistry and the salt industry.

Genome-scale reconstruction for an extreme halophile


The use of halophiles in biotechnology will be assisted by efforts to reconstruct metabolic routes and the biosynthetic potential of extreme halophiles.

Halophilic esterase


This report describes the solution behavior of a potentially important halophilic enzyme.

Unusual hypersaline microorganisms


This report focuses on some of the more unusual hyperhalophiles, such as a square-shaped bacterium.

Adaption to high salt explained at enzyme level


This report talks about the properties of halophilic enzymes and the high occurrence of acidic residues and how this helps impart stability.