The present article is a response to a paper by Schouten in the January, 1994 issue of the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy entitled, “A Scale in Search of a Construct: Comments on Gavin and Wamboldt” (Schouten, 1994) in which he comments on our 1992 paper entitled “A Reconsideration of the Family-of-Origin Scale” (Gavin & Wamboldt, 1992). We respond to Schouten's allegations of lack of methodological rigor and “unsubstantiated claims” (Schouten, 1994, p. 59). We systematically address ways in which Schouten has taken our work out of context, missed the essence of our study, and used faulty and/or vacuous logic in an attempt to discredit our findings. Despite the appearance of rigor in Schouten's work, closer scrutiny brings into question the contribution of Schouten's article to the field of family theory or measurement.