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Nonviolent Resistance: A Treatment for Parents of Children with Acute Behavior Problems


  • Uri Weinblatt, PhD, Council for Relationships, Philadelphia.

  • Uri Weinblatt was a PhD candidate at Tel Aviv University at the time the research was conducted; Haim Omer, PhD, Department of Psychology, Tel Aviv University.

Address correspondence to Uri Weinblatt, Council for Relationships, 4025 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104; E-mail:


Nonviolent resistance (NVR) is a new training model aimed at helping parents deal effectively with their helplessness, isolation, and escalatory interactions with their children. The purpose of this study is to evaluate training in NVR with the parents of children with acute behavior problems. Seventy-three parents (41 families) were randomly assigned to a treatment group and wait-list control group. Measures were taken at pretreatment, posttreatment, and a 1-month follow-up. In comparison with the wait-list group, parents who received training in NVR showed a decrease in parental helplessness and escalatory behaviors, and an increase in perceived social support. The children’s negative behaviors as assessed by the parents also decreased significantly.

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