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The Effectiveness of couple therapy in Germany: A Replication Study


  • Notker Klann is a Professor at Katholische Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft fuer Ehe-, Familien- und Lebensberatun; Kurt Hahlweg is a Professor, Department of Psychology, Technical University, Braunschweig; Dr. Donald H. Baucom, Department of Psychology, University of North Carolina; Christine Kroeger is a Professor at Humboldt-University.

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The utility of couple therapy has been investigated in a number of controlled clinical efficacy investigations, demonstrating the superiority of most forms of couple therapy relative to control groups. Despite its widespread use, the effectiveness of couple therapy in field settings is largely unknown. In 1997, Hahlweg and Klann published an effectiveness study of couple therapy as practiced in German and Austrian marital counseling agencies. The purpose of the current investigation was to replicate their earlier findings in a similar setting with identical measures. The findings demonstrate that the results are remarkably similar across the two studies and that couple therapy in these applied settings helps to alleviate relationship distress as well as individuals’ depression.