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A Mexico City–Based Immersion Education Program: Training Mental Health Clinicians For Practice With Latino Communities


  • Jason James Platt, PhD, Program Director, Counseling Psychology and Latin American Immersion Programs, California School of Professional Psychology, Alliant International University’s Mexico City Campus.

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This article describes the philosophical foundations and educational methods of a Spanish language and cultural immersion program based in Mexico City, Mexico. The program is designed to assist U.S. graduate students in marriage and family therapy and clinical psychology programs to improve clinical service delivery with Latino clients. Utilizing critical pedagogy, the program works with future clinicians to develop multicultural and international competencies; acquire increased Spanish language skills; engage in self-of-the-therapist work; and expand their understanding of the historical and cultural influences shaping the mental healthcare needs of Latin American clients. A report of the themes from postimmersion surveys is provided and the implications for training are discussed.