How Many Bytes Does It Take? A Content Analysis of Cyber Issues in Couple and Family Therapy Journals


  • Markie L. C. Blumer, PhD, Assistant Professor, Marriage and Family Therapy Program, University of Wisconsin Stout, Las Vegas; Katherine M. Hertlein, PhD, Associate Professor and Program Director, University of Nevada, Las Vegas; Justin M. Smith, MS, Clinician, Hope Counseling Services; Harrison Allen, BS, Graduate Student, Marriage and Family Therapy Program, University of Nevada, Las Vegas.


In the fifteen years since the explosion of the Internet, using cyber technology for work and social functions has exponentially increased. Yet, questions around how to manage such changes remain elusive in family therapy literature. In this investigation, we conducted a content analysis to determine to what extent marriage/couple and family therapy (M/CFT) journals have responded to the integration of the Internet in couple and family life. We found 79 of 13,274 articles across seventeen journals focused on the Internet in some capacity. Implications for clinical practice, training, and future research are discussed.

Video Abstract