• real-time reservoir operation;
  • decision-making;
  • hydroelectric power generation;
  • nonlinear programming;
  • multiple purpose projects

ABSTRACT: The optimization of real-time operations for a single reservoir system is studied. The objective is to maximize the sum of hourly power generation over a period of one day subject to constraints of hourly power schedules, daily flow requirement for water supply and other purposes, and the limitations of the facilities. The problem has a nonlinear concave objective function with nonlinear concave and linear constraints. Nonlinear Duality Theorems and Lagrangian Procedures are applied to solve the problem where the minimization of the Lagrangian is carried out by a modified gradient projection technique along with an optimal stepsize determination routine. The dimension of the problem in terms of the number of variables and constraints is reduced by eliminating the 24 continuity equations with a special implicit routine. A numerical example is presented using data provided by the Bureau of Reclamation, Sacramento, California.