• precipitation;
  • precipitation measurement;
  • fog interception;
  • water balance;
  • stream flow;
  • clearcut logging.

ABSTRACT: Net precipitation under old growth Douglas fir forest in the Bull Run Municipal Watershed (Portland, Oregon) totaled 1739 mm during a 4Cbweek period, 387 mm more than in adjacent clearcut areas. Expressing data on a full water year basis and adjusting gross precipitation for losses due to rainfall interception suggest fog drip could have added 882 mm (35 in) of water to total precipitation during a year when precipitation measured 2160 mm in a rain gage in a nearby clearing. Standard rain gages installed in open areas where fog is common may be collecting up to 30 percent less precipitation than would be collected in the forest. Long term forest management (Le., timber harvest) in the watershed could reduce annual water yield and, more importantly, summer stream flow by reducing fog drip.