• distributed nonpoint source pollution modeling;
  • GIS;
  • decision support-system;
  • Universal Soil Loss Equation;
  • integration;
  • visualization

ABSTRACT: A spatial decision support system (SDSS) was developed to assess agricultural nonpoint source (NPS) pollution using an NPS pollution model and geographic information systems (GIS). With minimal user interaction, the SDSS assists with extracting the input parameters for a distributed parameter NPS pollution model from user-supplied GIS base layers. Thus, significant amounts of time, labor, and expertise can be saved. Further, the SDSS assists with visualizing and analyzing the output of the NPS pollution simulations. Capabilities of the visualization component include displays of sediment, nutrient, and runoff movement from a watershed. The input and output interface techniques/algorithms used to develop the SDSS, along with an example application of the SDSS, are described.