• runoff mapping;
  • runoff-depth;
  • runoff/precipitation;
  • PRISM precipitation;
  • evapotranspiration

ABSTRACT: We evaluated maps of runoff created by means of two automated procedures. We implemented each procedure using precipitation estimates of both 5-km and 10-km resolution from PRISM (Parameter-elevation Regressions on Independent Slopes Model). Our goal was to determine if using the 5-km PRISM estimates would improve map accuracy. Visual inspection showed good general agreement among our runoff maps, as well as between our maps and one produced using a manual method. A quantitative uncertainty analysis comparing runoff interpolated from our maps with gage data that had been withheld showed slightly smaller actual and percentage interpolation errors for the 5-km PRISM-based maps. Our analyses suggest a modest region-wide improvement in runoff map accuracy with the use of PRISM-based precipitation estimates of 5-km (compared to 10-km) resolution.