• articulated blocks;
  • revetment;
  • testing protocol;
  • concrete blocks.)

ABSTRACT: An articulated concrete block revetment system was developed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to test and evaluate the practicability of the protocols for overtopping and channelized flow conditions. Test facilities were constructed, prototype articulated concrete blocks were fabricated and installed into the facilities, and the blocks were tested using the established protocols. The test results indicated that both the overtopping and channel flow tests yielded similar results: the blocks reached a point of instability at approximately the same velocity and shear stresses. The similar test results indicate that only one protocol is required to evaluate an articulated concrete block system. It was demonstrated that both protocols can be effectively conducted. It is recommended that the overtopping test be adapted as a standard test procedure because of its reduced construction costs and its efficiency compared to the channelized test.