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EDITORIAL: Editorial: 2008 year in review


  • Michelle Tseng,

  • Louis Bernatchez

2008 was an eventful inaugural year for Evolutionary Applications. We published four issues comprising 45 papers in total, including the special issue: Evolutionary Perspectives on Salmonid Conservation and Management. Wiley-Blackwell sponsored an Evolutionary Applications symposium at the Canadian Society of Ecology and Evolution annual meeting in Vancouver (May), and hosted an official Evolutionary Applications launch reception at the SSE annual meeting in Minneapolis (June). The journal received much press coverage, and was featured in both Nature and New Scientist.

The year was successfully capped with the acceptance of the journal for full indexing in ISI. The Editorial team would like to thank the scientific community for their overwhelming support of this new and unique journal. Undoubtedly this support, as well as the official endorsement of the journal by both the Society for the Study of Evolution, and the European Society for Evolutionary Biology (ESEB), contributed to the exceptionally rapid acceptance of the journal into ISI.

In 2008, Evolutionary Applications published papers in most of the fields listed on our website (http://www.evolutionaryapplications.org; see Table 1). Published papers also focused on a wide diversity of organisms of applied importance, including plants, animals and microbes (Table 2). Clearly, the journal is fulfilling its primary goal of being the principal outlet for the increasing number of high-quality papers using evolutionary concepts to address issues of economic, medical and social relevance.

Table 2.   Examples of organisms of applied significance featured in Evolutionary Applications.
Biological control agent Larinus cynaraeOlivieri et al. 2008
Crops and trees (forestry) Maize Saltcedar, Cottonwood Mercer et al. 2008Friedman et al. 2008
Disease vectors Aedes aegypti, Anopheles gambiaeMichalakis et al. 2008, Marshall et al. 2008
Exploited fish salmon (Atlantic, chinook, chum, sockeye) trout (brown, rainbow) cod (Atlantic)Angilletta et al. 2008; Crozier et al. 2008; McClure et al. 2008b; Vähä et al. 2008; Williams et al. 2008; Wood et al. 2008; Haugen et al. 2008; Miller and Vincent 2008Hutchings and Rowe 2008; Olsen et al. 2008
Model species Drosophila sp. Stickleback Gilchrist et al. 2008Raeymaekers et al. 2008
Pathogens measles, polio, influenza HIV Schistosoma sp. Myxobolus cerebralisBull and Ebert 2008Day et al. 2008Webster et al. 2008Miller and Vincent 2008

In 2009, we are again publishing four issues, including this current special issue on evolutionary medicine, and an upcoming special issue on the impact of harvesting on fish evolution and Darwinian fishery science. Among other events, in August, Wiley-Blackwell will be sponsoring a full-day symposium on evolutionary applications at the 12th ESEB Congress in Turin, Italy.

Despite being in our first year of operation, we succeeded in maintaining a very short time from submission to first decision (34 days). Also, our transparent online review and production system allows authors to track the progress of their manuscripts from submission to publication. We will continue striving both to publish the highest quality research on applied evolution, and to make the importance and broad relevance of evolutionary biology more accessible to all interested readers.


Appendix A – 2008: List of Authors

Adalgisa Caccone
Adam M. Cook
Alan E. Pepper
Alan T. Hitch
Alessandra della Torre
Alexandre Courtiol
Alice J. Norton
Ana Rivero
Andrew Lowe
Andrew P. Hendry
Ángel Martínez-Vásquez
Barry A. Berejikian
Bernard Crespi
Beth L. Sanderson
Brian R. Beckman
Brianna West
Camille Parmesan
Carol Eunmi Lee
Casey Baldwin
Charles E. Petrosky
Charlotte M. Gower
Chris C. Wood
Chris J. Foote
Christine Sidobre
Colin J. Garroway
Colin Yates
Craig R. Primmer
Damon M. Holzer
David Carbonell
David G. Biron
David J. Coates
Davnah Urbach
Denis Carr
Dieter Ebert
Donna G. Folk
Dylan J. Fraser
E. Ashley Steel
E. Richard Vincent
Eero Niemelä
Eric D. Forsman
Erin S. Dunlop
Esben Moland Olsen
Fabienne Justy
Federica Santolamazza
Filip A. M. Volckaert
Fred M. Utter
Frèdèric Simard
Gabriele Gentile
George R. Pess
George R. Pess
George W. Gilchrist
Gregory E. Maes
Gregory William Gelembiuk
Grethe Robertsen
Halvor Knutsen
Hitoshi Araki
Howard A. Schaller
Hugo R. Perales
Ian A. Fleming
Ingrid Hontis
Isabelle Olivieri
J. Battin
Jaakko Erkinaro
Jacques Derek Charlwood
Jakob Gjøsæter
James D. Eddington
James E. Roelle
James J. Bull
James R. Manhart
Jan Atle Knutsen
Jason A. Holliday
Jeff Bowman
Jeffrey A. Hutchings
Jeffrey C. Jorgensen
Jeffrey J. Hard
Jeremy J. Burdon
Jeremy Suess
Joanne P. Webster
João Pinto
Joel G. Kingsolver
John C. Patton
John D. Reynolds
John F. Gaskin
John G. Williams
John W. Bickham
Jonathan M. Friedman
Jonathon C. Marshall
Joost A. M. Raeymaekers
Joseph Travis
Juha-Pekka Vähä
Julian J. Dodson
Kata-Riina Valosaari
Kentaro Morita
Kevin M. Purcell
Kris Nackaerts
Krista K. Bartz
Kristin Mercer
Lisa G. Crozier
Leif Asbjørn Vøllestad
Linda M. Broadhurst
Lisa G. Crozier
Lisa M. Jeffers
Louis Bernatchez
Mark D. Scheuerell
Mark P. Miller
Mart R. Gross
Martin J. Donnelly
Mary E. Power
Masa-aki Fukuwaka
Maurice McDonald
Michael C. Singer
Michael J. Angilletta Jr
Michael J. Ford
Michael S. Blouin
Michelle M. McClure
Mikko Heino
N. J. Mantua
Nicole Mideo
Nils Chr. Stenseth
Nils Christian Stenseth
P. W. Lawson
Patrícia Beldade
Paul Bentzen
Paul J. Wilson
Paul L. Klerks
Paul L. Leberg
Paul Spruell
Per Aass
Per Erik Jorde
Peter A. Vesk
Peter F. Hassemer
Peter H. Thrall
Philip Agnew
Philip J. Howell
R. B. Huey
R. G. Shaw
R. John Nelson
Randolph M. Nesse
Ray Hilborn
Raymond B. Huey
Richard Law
Richard W. Carmichael
Richard W. Carmichael
Richard W. Zabel
Robert G. Kope
Robert G. Latta
Robin S. Waples
Sally N. Aitken
Sam Yeaman
Sami Aikio
Samuel Alizon
Samuel Cotton
Sara Magalhães
Sarah Geldof
Saul A. Cunningham
Sherrylynn Rowe
Sierra Curtis-McLane
Sigurd Einum
Sonia E. Sultan
Stéphanie Bédhomme
Stephanie M. Carlson
Stephen C. Stearns
Susan M. Haig
Susan M. Sogard
T. P. Quinn
Tetsuro Nomura
Thomas D. Cooney
Thomas D. Mullins
Thrond Oddvar Haugen
Timothy J. Beechie
Todd R. Seamons
Tongli Wang
Troy Day
Ulf Dieckmann
Veijo Kaitala
Véronique Thériault
W. Chris Funk
William P. Connor
Yannis Michalakis
Yvain Dubois

Appendix B – 2008: List of Reviewers

Adriaan Rijnsdorp
Alexander Medvinsky
Amy Arnett
Anders Finstad
Andrea Graham
Andres Aguilar
Andrew Clark
Andrew DeWoody
Andrew Whitehead
Andrew Hendry
Anti Vasemagi
Armando Caballero
Ary Hoffmann
Asbjorn Vollestad
Aurelie Coulon
Austin Burt
Ben Letcher
Ben Ridenhour
Ben Sadd
Bengt Hansson
Benjamin Blackman
Bernard Crespi
Bernhard Horsthemke
Bill Jordan
Bob McDowall
Briana Gross
Bror Jonsson
CA Bondy
Camille Bonneaud
Carsten Nowak
Christophe BoÎte
Christopher Badcock
Claire Lavigne
Cortland Griswold
Craig Starger
Dan Bolnick
Daniel Funk
Daniel Heath
Daniel Promislow
Dany Garant
Dave Klein
Dave Montgomery
David Ayre
David Berg
David Clements
David Coltman
David Haig
David Skuse
Dawn Hawley
Don Larsen
Donato Cioli
Doug Swain
Dylan Fraser
Einar Eg Nielson
Elaine Petrof
Elizabeth Jones
Elizabeth Lacey
Eric Baack
Eric Edeline
Eric Taylor
Erik Postma
Erik Svensson
Etienne Klein
Fred Utter
Frederic Tripet
Gary Lamberti
George Somero
Glenn Cooper
Glenn Howe
Greg Lanzaro
Heather Ferguson
Heinz Muller-Scharer
Jacob Koella
Jacobus De Roode
Jacqui Shykoff
Jane Hughes
Jane Lecomte
Janis Antonovics
Jason Sexton
Jean Bousquet
Jeffrey Hard
Jeffrey Townsend
Jeffrey Hutchings
Jennifer Gow
Jerri Bartholomew
Jim Bull
Jinliang Wang
Jocelyn Poissant
Jodie Holt
Joe Travis
Joey DiBattista
Johanne Brunet
John Epifanio
John Raven
John Reynolds
Joseph Neigel
Juan Robledo-Arnuncio
Juha Merilä
Juha-Pekka Vähä
Julian Dodson
Jutta Burger
Ken Currens
Kentaro Morita
Kermit Ritland
Kjetil Hindar
Kristin Mercer
Lauren Buckley
Lisa Dorn
Lisa Crozier
M. Joanne Morgan
Marc Tatar
Marie-Héléne Muller
Marie-Josée Fortin
Marjorie Matocq
Mark Woolhouse
Marylène Boulet
Masa-aki Fukuwaka
Maureen Purcell
Melanie Murphy
Michael Bonsall
Michael Brockhurst
Michael Hansen
Michael Kinnison
Michael Turelli
Michael Angilletta
Michael Blouin
Michelle Dudash
Michelle Tseng
Mike Gilchrist
Mike Healey
Mikko Heino
Molly Manier
Neil Lobo
Neil Tsutsui
Nicole Mideo
Nora Besansky
Outi Savolainen
Paul Bentzen
Paul Leberg
Paul Schmid-Hempel
Paul Turner
Paulo Prodohl
Pengxin Lu
Peter Biro
Rachel Vallender
Ray Hilborn
Ray Huey
Rees Kassen
Rick Gustafson
Robert Gatenby
Robert Godfree
Robert Lacy
Robert Park
Robin Bush
Roger Cousens
Roger Doyle
Roland Regoes
Russell Bonduriansky
Ruth Hufbauer
Scott Findlay
Scott Wilson
Sebastien Barot
Sigurd Einum
Sofia Consuegra
Stephan Munch
Stephanie Carlson
Stephen Roberts
Stephen Stearns
Steve Lindley
Steve Lougheed
Thomas Hansen
Thomas Lenormand
Thrond Haugen
Thure Hauser
Todd Seamons
Tom Quinn
Travis Marsico
Ülo Väli
Véronique Theriault
Vitaly Ganusov
Yolanda Morbey
Yvonne Willi