Three data points were accidentally omitted from the panel (A) of Fig. 1 from the study by Sharpe and Hendry (2009). This error has been corrected in this updated version of Fig. 1.


Figure 1.  Magnitude of phenotypic change in response to fishing mortality for length at 50% maturity (A,B), age at 50% maturity (C,D) and mid-points of probabilistic maturation reaction norms (PMRNs) (E,F). The Y axis shows residuals from a linear regression of darwin numerators ([ln(Z1)−ln(Z0)]) over time (log10 years); i.e., proportional phenotypic change after accounting for the effects of time. Fishing mortality is the average of yearly estimates of fishing mortality for the time period over which the phenotypic change was measured. Note that one data point (F = 1.9) is not shown in panels C (x = 0.19, y = −0.10) and D (x = 0.19, y = −0.18) so as to match the scale in the other panels. Trendlines were fit only in cases where fishing mortality was found to be significant (P < 0.05).

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