Data S1. Primer sequences.

Data S2. All studied genes and their blast.

Data S3. DnaSAM results for each gene.

Data S4. Annotation input for each gene.

Data S5. PolyDNdS output and gestimator output.

Data S6. List of outliers for the compoundneutrality test (DHEW-P*).

Figure S1. Flow-chart of the data generation and screening.

Figure S2. Distribution of nucleotide diversity(θw, θπ) in control gene forthe different species (A) and distribution of divergence fromloblolly pine across several site categories (B).

Figure S3. Distribution of nucleotide diversity(θw, θπ) in candidate genes(A) and control ones (B) across several site types in the fourspecies.

Figure S4. Frequency plots of the number of SNP per gene in the candidate genes for each species.

Table S1. List of the species samples with their geographical location.

Table S2. Estimates of nucleotide diversity in the control genes for several site types.

Table S3. Estimates of the neutrality tests per gene set (candidate versus control) for each species.

Table S4. List of the outliers from the standard neutral model (SNM) across the control genes.

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