eva286-sup-0001-FigS1-2-TableS1-7.pdfapplication/PDF515KFigure S1. Flowchart useful for assigning previously published 316 bp control region sequences to eight mtDNA subclades. Figure S2. Geographic distributions of African elephant mtDNA haplotypes among countries or localities. Table S1. Number of samples and number of unique haplotypes for each locality. Table S2. Polymorphisms within 316 bp of the control region. Table S3. Clade and subclade specific diagnostic sites (4258 bp). Table S4. Geographic distribution of mtDNA haplotypes (4258 bp). Table S5. Geographic distribution of control region haplotypes. Table S6. Population pairwise FST and FST P values for mtDNA. Table S7. List of sample locations (shown as numbers in Figure 1).

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