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During the past decades, asthma has been identified as an inflammatory disease and airway remodeling has attracted much interest as a characteristic feature in asthma. In an attempt to update current knowledge in the field, a workshop on airway remodeling in asthma was arranged in 2008 by the Swedish Society of Respiratory Medicine. The aim of the workshop was to cover different aspects of airway remodeling in asthma, from a morphological to a functional point-of-view. Thus, during the workshop, aspects of epidemiology, clinical course, pathophysiology, as well as monitoring, pharmacology and new interventional possibilities for airway remodeling in asthma were discussed. The speakers at the workshop were then asked to summarize the essential messages from their presentations in written form. It is our hope that the results of their efforts now will find the way to the readers of The Clinical Respiratory Journal. In this way, these papers can inspire new clinical and scientific efforts.

The workshop was made possible by an unrestricted grant from GlaxoSmithKline, a grant which also enabled publication of this supplement to The Clinical Respiratory Journal.