• infection control;
  • dentistry;
  • dental students;
  • infectious diseases


Objectives:The aim of this study was to verify the practices and attitudes of senior dental students about infection control procedures. Methods:A cross-sectional survey was performed during the 1st semester of 2003. Open- and close-ended questions were given to 196 students in 6 universities. Results:Overall, 90.8% of students had been vaccinated for hepatitis B. Only 25.0% have been assessed for anti-HBs. A total of 99.5% students reported always using gloves for all procedures. Eye protection were always used by 84.2% of students, and all the students used face masks for all procedures. Caps or hair covers were used by 92.3% of students and 87.8% reported no objection to treating patients with infectious diseases. Among instructors, the students observed that 60.2% of them did not use gloves for all procedures, 43.4% of those didn't change gloves between patients. Conclusions:These results address the need for an improved quality assurance, in order for the students and faculty to improve their practices and attitudes on infection control measures.