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  1. Assessment of predictors of global self-ratings of oral health among Korean adults aged 18-95 years Volume 70, Issue 3, 241–244, Article first published online: 9 February 2010

In (1), the affiliation information for the corresponding author, Hae-Young Kim, DDS, PhD, is incorrect, and should appear as listed below:

+ Department of Dental Laboratory Science and Engineering, College of Health Science, Korea University, Seoul, Korea.

Corresponding Author:

Hae-Young Kim, DDS, PhD

Department of Dental Laboratory Science and Engineering

College of Health Science

Korea University

San 1 Jeongneung 3-Dong, Seongbuk-Gu, Seoul 136-703, Republic of Korea


Phone: 82-2-940-2845

Fax: 82-2-909-3502

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