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A summary of the 2010 Dunning Symposium: the practice of dentistry for the 21st century


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The 15th Dunning Symposium was held on November 29 and 30, 2010 in conjunction with the Greater New York Dental meeting in New York City. Since the first symposium in 1981, the symposia have addressed major issues in the field of dentistry that impact on the oral health of the public. The theme for this symposium dealt with how the practice of dentistry would emerge given healthcare reform legislation, opportunities for dentists to become more engaged in the primary care of patients, trends in dental education, and the addition of a mid-level practitioner. The audience, consisting of dental school deans and leaders in state and national dental associations, completed a pre-symposium questionnaire to gauge their opinions on key issues and then, after the presentations, participated in breakout sessions that discussed the implications of the presentations. This paper is a summary of the Dunning Symposium.