• cicatrix;
  • dietary supplements;
  • keloid;
  • nutrients;
  • scar;
  • wound healing

Keloids are the result of a dysfunctional scarring process that leads to excessive deposition of extracellular matrix in susceptible individuals, causing them physical, psychological, and social discomfort. Many studies have investigated various aspects of keloid physiopathology; however, the relationship between dietary components and keloids has not received much attention. The present literature review was conducted to examine the available evidence related to the relationships between nutrition/nutrients and keloids. Findings from in vitro and in vivo studies indicate possible associations exist between keloids and fatty acids, soluble fibers, and phytochemicals. However, these relationships have not been fully explored and new studies need to be carried out before any efficient diet-based therapy can be prescribed for the prevention and treatment of keloids.