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Micronutrient adequacy and morbidity: paucity of information in children with cerebral palsy


N Schoendorfer, Children's Nutrition Research Centre, The University of Queensland, Discipline of Paediatrics and Child Health, Royal Children's Hospital, Herston 4029, Australia. E-mail:, Phone: +617-3365-5325, Fax: +617-3346-4684.


A literature review was conducted to investigate the status of vitamins and minerals in children with cerebral palsy and the implications of various deficiencies on health outcomes. Children with cerebral palsy commonly have feeding difficulties, which significantly impact their growth, general health, and life expectancy. Current nutritional literature focuses on energy expenditure, with little information available on other parameters, such as micronutrient status. Due to the paucity of micronutrient research in these children, the impacts of deficiencies and benefits in other populations have been considered. The role of micronutrients in maintaining cellular homeostasis throughout all body systems highlights a need for future research and monitoring of their levels, particularly in vulnerable populations with well-documented incidence of undernutrition.