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2009 Author index

Abdullah Al Mamun see O'Callaghan, Frances V

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Agho, Kingsley see Stevens, Garry

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Alfonso, Helman S see Bradshaw, Pamela J

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Armfield, Jason M see Bailie, Ross S

Armstrong, Bruce see Xue Qin Yu

Bagnato, Melisa see Bolton, Damien

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Bandyopadhyay, Mridula

[Book review of] Bureaucrats and Bleeding Hearts: Indigenous Health in Northern Australia, by Tess Lea (UNSW Press) 396

see also Willis, Karen

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Baranovic, Michael see Wardel, Jon

Barnett, Pauline see Barnett, Ross

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Bulsara, Max see Hynd, Anna

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Cossart, Yvonne E see Vickery, Karen

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Craft, Paul see Shuhong Wang

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Cross, Matthew see Clifford, Helen

Daly, Jeanne

Appreciation and thanks to Judith Lumley [editorial] 5

Qualitative method and the curse: the illustrative quotation [editorial] 405–406

see also Willis, Karen

Daly, Jeanne and Robinson, Priscilla, “This was not a fire, it was an inferno”: Australian bushfire and prevention [editorial] 103–104

Daly, Jeanne; Lowe, John; Thompson, Sandra and Robinson, Priscilla

Educating the young about public health [editorial] 503–504

A new editorial structure for ANZJPH 5–6

Darmawan, I Gusti Ngurah see Ziersch, Anna M

Davidson, Adee-Jonathan see Bolton, Damien

Degenhardt, Louisa see Kinner, Stuart A

Derrett, Sarah see Harcombe, Helen

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Dobbinson, Suzanne J see Makin, Jennifer K

Dobson, Annette J see Herbert, Danielle L; Vagenas, Dimitrios

Douglas, Nicholas M see Douglas, Thomas M

Douglas, Thomas M and Douglas, Nicholas M

Absence of significant dissent should be sufficient for deceased donor organ procurement in New Zealand 449–454

Authors' response: On the post-mortem analogy and the duty to donate 456–457

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Finn, Judith see Bradshaw, Pamela J

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George, Jessica see Kinner, Stuart A

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Gray, Natalie see Shu Qin Li

Green, Adèle C see Pandeya, Nirmala

Green, Julie see Willis, Karen

Groves, Valda see Calache, Hanny

Grulich, Andrew see Salmon, Allison M

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Australian asylum policies: have they violated the right to health of asylum seekers? 40–46

see also Thomas, David P

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Lowe, John

Publication redundancy: a case of déjà vu or where have I read this before? [editorial] 3–4

see also Daly, Jeanne

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Robinson, Priscilla

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Please don't spit [editorial] 303–304

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