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Price discounting of cigarettes in milk bars near secondary schools occurs more frequently in areas with greater socioeconomic disadvantage


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Melanie Wakefield, Centre for Behavioural Research in Cancer, Cancer Council Victoria, 1 Rathdowne Street, Carlton, Victoria 3053; e-mail: melanie.wakefield@cancervic.org.au


Objective: To examine differences in price discounting of cigarettes in milk bars located near secondary schools in metropolitan areas of Victoria, according to neighbourhood socioeconomic status (SES).

Method: Milk bars within one km of randomly selected secondary schools in Victorian metropolitan areas were audited to assess the advertised price of the most popular cigarette brands.

Results: Cigarette brands were available below the recommended retail price (RRP) at between 10% to 14% of the 62 milk bars visited. Price discounting was occurring significantly more frequently in areas of lower SES, with between 23% and 33% of milk bars in these neighbourhoods selling the leading cigarette brands at below RRP.

Conclusions: Price discounting was found to be occurring to a greater extent in milk bars near secondary schools in low SES areas compared to mid to high SES areas.

Implications: Promotional tools that make cigarettes more affordable risk undermining efforts to reduce smoking prevalence, especially in price sensitive populations of lower SES.