• 1

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  • 2

    Adam Brand, A Journal of the Embassy from their Majesties John and Peter Alexievilz, Emperors of Muscovy &c. Over Land into China, through the Provinces of Ustiugha, Siberia, Dauri, and the Great Tartary, to Peking, the Capital City of the Chinese Empire. By Everhard Isbrand, their ambassador in the years 1693, 1694, and 1695. Written by Adam Brand, Secretary of the Embassy. Translated from the Original in High Dutch, Printed at Hamburg, 1698. To which is added, Curious Observations concerning the Products of Russia by H. W. Ludolf (London: Printed for D. Brown at the Black Swan and Bible without Temple-Bar; and T. Goodwin at the Queens Head over-against St. Dunstan's Church, Fleetstreet, 1698), p. 106.

  • 3

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  • 5

    Brand, p. 12. There is a secondreference to Archangel on page 12 and a third on page 21.

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  • 12

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