Oral and maxillofacial cancer pain



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      Dr. Epstein is on the medical-dental staff, Cancer Control Agency of British Columbia, 600 West 1Mh Ave, Vancouver, British Columbia. Canada. V5Z 4E6; clinical assistant professor, University of British Columbia; and research associate, department of oral medicine. School of Dentistry. University of Washington, Seattle. Address requests for reprints to the author.


Pain resulting from oral and maxillofacial cancer is a major problem that requires the attention of all members of the health care team. This attention is important because of the large number of people affected and because the treatment of cancer pain is too frequently inadequate. An understanding of acute and chronic pain, the underlying malignant disease, the complications of cancer treatment, and currently available treatments for pain must form the basis of pain management. A review of the problem of oral and maxillofacial pain in the patient with cancer is presented.