• Polio;
  • post-polio;
  • post-polio syndrome;
  • virus;
  • polio survivors


A condition called “Post-polio Syndrome” (PPS) is a special type of neuromuscular disturbance that affects some elderly patients who had polio myelitis either as children or as young adults. It has been reported that approximately 1,600,000 polio survivors are alive today. Most will seek dental care, and up to half of the survivors will present with some form of PPS. This paper describes polio, its characteristics, and the long-term consideration of PPS, and discusses the special clinical implications related to this condition. Special emphasis is placed on physical impairments, breathing problems, and difficulty swallowing. Also included are sections discussing such topics as patient scheduling, office design and housekeeping, patient management, oral hygiene, diagnostic procedures, drug and pain management, and general health considerations.