• triclosan;
  • toothpast;
  • plaque;
  • gingivitis


This randomized clinicai trial investigated the effect of a dentifrice containing triclosan on the reduction of dental plaque and gingivitis in institutionalized individuais with cerebral palsy. Fifty-seven residents were randomly allocated to a test group (n=28, dentifrice with triclosan) and a control group (n=29. conventional dentifrice). A single calibrated investigator performed examinations at baseline and after three months. The amount of dental plaque was assessed, and gingivitis was meas-ured. The caretakers performed brushing with dentifrice. After three months, there was a significant reduction in the plaque index in both groups, but there was no difference between the two groups. There was a significant reduction in gingivitis only in the test group, and the difference between groups was significant after three months. The authors concluded that the dentifrice with triclosan reduced interdental bleeding in the studied population.