Book reviewed in this article:

Rereading American Antebellum Lyric Poetry Eliza Richards. Gender and the Poetics of Reception in Poe's Circle.

Pollinated Poe. Burton R. Pollin. Poe's Seductive Influence on Great Writers.

Mesmerism's Unifying Appeal in Poe and Fuller. Bruce Mills. Poe, Fuller, and the Mesmeric Arts: Transition States in the American Renaissance.

Poe Studies and Romantic Irony in Russia. Elvira P. Osipova. Zagadki Edgara Poe: Issledovanija i kommentarii

“The Truth … Close-Muffled in Robes of Sleep”: Poe Studies in Italy Updated. Roberto Cagliero, ed. Fantastico Poe.

The New Norton Poe. The Selected Writings of Edgar Allan Poe. Edited by G. R. Thompson