From the Editors

In Memoriam.  The community of Poe scholars lost one of its pioneers on 13 July 2011, with the passing of Eric W. Carlson, Professor Emeritus at the University of Connecticut, at the age of 100. Professor Carlson was a founding member, and later Honorary Member, of the Poe Studies Association and, along with John Reilly, a founding editor of the PSA Newsletter, which evolved into the Edgar Allan Poe Review. He also served for many years on the editorial board of Poe Studies.

Professor Carlson published over two dozen articles and books on American literature, the majority of them on Poe. His article “Symbol and Sense in Poe's ‘Ulalume,’ ” which appeared in American Literature (1963), gave new direction to the study of one of Poe's major poems. His 1966 collection The Recognition of Edgar Allan Poe remains an essential volume for anyone who wants to understand the history of Poe criticism; three decades after its publication, he edited A Companion to Poe Studies, a comprehensive collection of essays on themes in and approaches to Poe's work. He continued to publish articles on Poe into the 2000s, including an essay on Poe's relationship with Boston in the Edgar Allan Poe Review in 2002.

Arriving in America from Sweden at the age of 6, Eric Carlson learned to speak English in grade school and went on to become a Professor of English, teaching for 38 years at the University of Connecticut. We honor him as a lifelong teacher, questioner, and student of literature, and as a scholar who helped shape modern Poe studies.

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Upcoming Conference.  In June 2012, the Poe Studies Association, Ralph Waldo Emerson Society, and Nathaniel Hawthorne Society will jointly sponsor a conference in Florence, Italy: “Conversazioni in Italia: Emerson, Hawthorne, and Poe.” For more information, visit