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Book reviewed in this article:

Images of Organization:By gareth Morgan

Business and Politics: A Study of Collective Action:By william d. coleman

Tommy Douglas: The Road to Jerusalem:By thomas H. McLEOD and ian mcleod.

City Polic Making in Theory and Practice. the Case of Toronto's Downtown Plan:By FRABCES FRISKEN

Policy Evaluation for Local Government:By terry busson and philip coulter

Telecommunications: A Strategic Persective on Regional, Economic and Business Development:Edited by maurice f. estabrooks and rudolphe h. lamarche

Histoire de I'administration publique québécoise 1867–1970:Par james iain Cow

A Guide to Hazardous Materials Management:By aileen schumacher

Hazardous Waste: Confronting the Challenge:By CHRISTOPHER HARRIS, WILLIAM L. WANT and morris A. ward

The Higher Civil Service in Belgium and in Industrialized Countries: Recruitment, Career and Training:Brussels: International Institute of Administrative Sciences

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  5. 5 Attributed to Ranling Minority Member, James T. Broyhill (Republican, North Carolina) in “Minority Views” to the House Report on hr 2867 offered by twenty Republicans on the Energy and Commerce Committee.

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