A non-profit accountability framework


  • The authors will both be joining the Department of Political Science and Public Administration at the University of North Florida in autumn 2010, Dumont as visiting assistant professor and Candler as associate professor and MPA program coordinator. The authors acknowledge the helpful comments made by the Journal's anonymous reviewers and especially the Editor.


Abstract: A non-profit accountability framework is developed from the broader academic literature, both within non-profit studies and beyond. The framework includes a comprehensive set of stakeholders that non-profits need to be accountable to, as well as resources to be accountable for. These stakeholders and resources are then contrasted on a matrix.

Sommaire : Un cadre d'imputabilité pour le secteur à but non lucratif est élaboréà partir de la documentation. Le cadre inclut un ensemble exhaustif de parties prenantes auxquelles le secteur à but non lucratif doit rendre des comptes, ainsi que des ressources pour lesquelles il est imputable. Ces parties prenantes et les ressources sont alors mises en contraste sur un tableau.