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Enhancing government's policy management and decision-making system: The case of Ghana's central governance reforms project


  • Kwaku Appiah-Adu,

  • Samuel Aning

  • Kwaku Appiah-Adu is professor of Strategy, Regent University Business School, City Campus, Accra, Ghana, and Chairman, Centre for Advanced Strategic Analysis. Samuel Aning is fellow, Centre for Advanced Strategic Analysis, and senior lecturer, Contemporary Issues, Methodist University College, Ghana. The authors wish to thank the Journal's anonymous reviewers for their helpful comments on earlier versions of this manuscript. Ghana's Central Governance Reforms project was managed jointly by the Institute of Public Administration of Canada and the Government of Ghana, with funding from CIDA.


Countries around the world are investing in the improvement of policy capacity in their public services. Ghana has made similar investments during the last decade, in order to achieve the government's far-reaching policy agenda of transforming Ghana's economy. The Ghana Central Governance Project was initiated during the year 2000 in order to develop a skilled civil service, capable of moving coherently and effectively from policy and strategy to detailed policy options, budgeted programs and concrete results. This reform was deemed essential to the realization of the government's ambitious agenda.


Les pays du monde entier investissent dans l'amélioration de la capacité des politiques au sein de la fonction publique. Le Ghana a procédé aux mêmes investissements au cours de la dernière décennie, afin de mettre en œuvre un programme ambitieux visant à transformer l'économie de ce pays. C'est la raison pour laquelle le Projet de gouvernance centrale du Ghana a été lancé au cours de l'année 2000. Ce projet avait pour but le développement d'une fonction publique compétente et capable de passer de manière cohérente et efficace des politiques et stratégies à des options de politiques détaillées, à des programmes prévus au budget et à des résultats concrets. Cette réforme était essentielle, étant donné l'ambitieux programme d'élaboration des politiques du gouvernement.

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