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Atrial septal defects: Magnetic resonance and computed tomography appearances


  • ETD Hoey FRCR; D Gopalan FRCR; V Ganesh FRCR; SKB Agrawal FRCR; NJ ScreatonFRCR.

  • Conflicts of interest: No grants were used for the purpose of this article and the authors have nothing to declare. The authors have no conflicts of interest and no financial disclosures.

Dr Edward TD Hoey, Diagnostic Centre, Department of Radiology, Papworth Hospital, Papworth Everard, Cambridgeshire CB23 3RE, UK.


Atrial septal defects are associated with significant morbidity and mortality. Echocardiography is the first-line imaging modality, but MR and CT imaging can provide complimentary information, especially for the detection of associated anomalies and for assessing changes in the pulmonary vasculature. The aim of this pictorial essay is to review the spectrum of atrial septal defects, with particular reference to their cross-sectional imaging appearances and issues pertaining to management.