Spectrum of imaging in Budd Chiari syndrome


  • P Patil MD; H Deshmukh MD; B Popat MD; K Rathod MD.

  • Conflict of interest: None.

Dr Pritam Patil, Department of Radiology, Seth GS Medical College and KEM Hospital, Parel, Mumbai 400012, India. Email: drpritam2007@gmail.com


Budd Chiari syndrome is an uncommon heterogeneous group of disorders which occur due to obstruction at any level from the hepatic venules to the junction of inferior vena cava and right atrium of heart which has significant morbidity and mortality. An early diagnosis of the disease is required for appropriate treatment. Due to the diffuse nature of the disease, normal biopsy findings do not exclude the disease. Proper clinical history and imaging are essential for definitive diagnosis. In this pictorial essay, we discuss the imaging spectrum of Budd Chiari syndrome.