Cross-species amplification tests and diversity analysis using 56 PCR markers in Dactylis glomerata and Lolium perenne


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We report results of cross-species amplification in Dactylis glomerata and Lolium perenne of 12 simple sequence repeats (SSRs) isolated from Lolium multiflorum×Festuca glaucescens, 42 SSRs from Festuca arundinacea and two sequence tagged sites from Oryza sativa. We compared the transferability and diversity between D. glomerata and L. perenne, which are important forage crops. While Nei's gene diversity values were equivalent in both species (from 0.14 to 0.92), the mean number of allele per locus was more important in D. glomerata than in L. perenne (5.45 vs. 4.50). These markers will be used for analysing population structure in grassland populations under agronomic practices.